Welcome to United Americans for the Arts and Trades A 501c3 Nonprofit Organization

An Economic Revitalization Development Commerce Opportunity Group

United Americans for the Arts and Trades, we are a 501 C 3 nonprofit organization. We are going to bring this to your attention that United Americans for the arts and trades is just one of those businesses, which will be creating one of the most technological advances applications and devices of technology in selective fields of renewable organic green energy business. U/A will be the most diversified nonprofit organization in technology and throughout film, music and professional sports entertainment using every aspect of business opportunities to grow. We are in the process of launching numerous divisions to work co inside to benefit one another. America needs real jobs to do so we are creating new technologies to manufacture these products here in America. Only by working together we can change our nation’s direction and destiny.

  • Getting invovled
  • Creating real lasting opportunities
  • Job creation 101
  • Arts: Film, Music and Sports entertainment
  • Trades: Design, Developing and Manufacturing = Jobs

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Creating Real Lasting Opportunities