International Entertainment

International Entertainment will become the worlds largest entertainment organization. And you can become apart of this historic finical opportunities.
This division contains all of our entertainment divisions from music, theater, films, sports and most every classification of family entertainment
(IE) AKA, International Entertainment is solely created to present the finest productions in family entertainment. To create new national taxable resources this will increase tourism thereby creating a new taxable income and this will reduce the deficit in time.
International Entertainment will be launching a global search to create our individual executive board CEO, President, VP and CFO board members.
This opportunity will allow most any member to participate throughout this division of our organization.
Most any member has the opportunity to present our development board with any of their ideas,? This will allow all of us to expand our creative abilities and financial opportunities within this organization.
As a member we all carry the same responsibility for one another; to encourage, support, and to become a part of our family. We are the true meaning of an equal opportunity employer.
We will offer most everyone to become involved in our 5 + deal. This will allow those that wish to cross over in to other entertainment markets to have this opportunity to take their talent and expand on it. Our goal is for them to have the same or even better successes in other fields of entertainment or business.
5+ means that most everyone has the same opportunity to participate in most every market throughout our organization. You may be able to participate in five films as a director, producer, writer lead or supporting roll, a cameo, walk-on or as an extra. Others will be allowed to participate on the soundtrack, by submitting their work or to perform as an individual artist or a musical group. We want you to excel and to expand your talents and abilities.

We believe that family entertainment is the largest market in the world and the market that we will expand and succeed in.
We want our events to become there where a father feels safe to bring his son, mother and daughter and can find common ground or together, as a family, can create new lasting memories. When our events our broad caste to a private theater or home, or at a stadium surroundings, we want everyone to feel welcomed and a part of our family.
(IE) will have age appropriate events for all stages of family events. We are going to ensure that the matter of the event will be age appropriate to ease families conflict of interest.
By rating our events this will help us market our productions more efficiently so we may maximizes our profitability’s to reimburse our investors.

We want to create an environment for increasing our advertisers, sponsors and donors by presenting ourselves in a positive way to the public to educate our viewers. Their participation by buying our sponsors products or services is most important to benefit everyone involved. This will in itself increase their bottom line and increase their participation with us.
We believe in the art of cross marketing. This will allow reduction of direct cost factors and will increasing exposure to a maximum level in the most positive ways to our consumers.
As we develop new products we will create new markets. Our goal will be to find the most efficient ways to reduce cost and maximize our exposure and profitability for those that are willing to take their time and money to believe in us.
We will create new ways to promote their company and their participation with us. By finding new ways to market their products or services, we will find the most cost efficient way to reduce their cost and to increase sales and in addition to their value in the market. place

We can also design and build you state of the art facilities.
We have a saying, if you can find an event to book, just create one! Our goal would be:
To manage these facilities for your local community
To maximize events 52 weeks out of the year
To have these events per-booked years in advance
For them to become economical
For us to have the management in a transition
For us to become the new administration and to be exempt from all other parties of interest!
New Worldwide Sports Franchise Leagues:

WWSPFLS: Could be made available nationwide to most states. Quality composition increases financially opportunities at the local market level.
The money is there already but the consumers are just waiting to spend their money wisely because it has now become and investment of their time and money, for themselves or their family outing.
Music Concerts, Benefits, Videos, Competition, Battle of the bands, Choirs, Cheer-leading, Pep squads, Dance, School bands and Park events!
Debut Films Promotions: Film festivals, Motion Pictures, build a Motion Picture studio, Picture theme park, Film premiers, Film Expo and additional events
USA Security Task Force Promotions: Theme Festivals Christmas, New years eve, Spring, Fall, Winter, 4th of July, Beauty pageants, Food, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, Historical, Music, Talent, Ethnic and Fairy tales!

New Worldwide Sports Franchise Leagues:
Auto, Motorcycle, Boat Racing, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Golf, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball, and more.
New Agency: Talent, Modeling, Sports and more.
New Sports Federations: There will be Arm Wrestling, Boxing, Fencing, Martial Arts, Ultimate Fighting, Wrestling, and more.
Giving back to the community:
Rehabilitation Sports Center: State of the Art: Sport Training, Public Gyms, Spas. For the General Public we will provide a sliding scale pay base.
New Film & Music Industries!
New Community Festivals!
New Theme Amusement Parks! Grand Casinos, Majestic Theaters, State of the art Universal Sports, and Entertainment Super state of the art Stadiums:
All of these programs make new taxable revenues which will prevent high taxes and revitalize and maximize your annul state’s tourism this will stabilize by creating growth to your local economy!
By working together with U/A will bridge the gap with your State, County and City budgets. This will help to reduce your deficit by U/A creating billions of dollars through new national taxable resources from all of our nationwide venues! This will create local job opportunities for everyone!
Sport franchise $ Hundred Billion dollars!
Business franchises: $ Hundred Billion dollars!
Entertainment events: $ Hundred Billion dollars!
Manufacturing plans:$ Hundred Billion dollars!
Global merchandise distributing: $ Hundred Billions!
Join us now or get left behind with those who are not visionaries nor explorers. Who are unable or unwilling to see or embrace and the future of expansions in the entertainment market place. To see the future you have to be apart of the future right!

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