True Innovation

United Americans for the Arts and Trades is a 501c3, we are for sure an unconventional unique diversified nonprofit organization. We are redefining true innovation through pure imagination that embraces our environment with real Eco-friendly technology that encirclement’s true innovation.

This is what the American spirit is all about coming together as a nation to help one another. UA is created by innovators, that believes America still has unlimited economic and occupation opportunities. We are creating an alliance for other visionaries that are able to see the bigger picture in this quest and when greater minds come together for greater good of humanity. Let us do our part together to put America back to work in 2019 sound good to you.
True innovation enhances the embodiment of the environment for its true persists of the technology applications to improve our way of live, anything else is not true innovation it’s shameless contaminated philosophies driven by shameless greed and the lack of humanity.

There are people that talk about helping Americans becoming independent form foreign energy and they talk about innovation but only focus on toxic archaic methods that do nothing but passion our environment, refusing and ignoring true innovation that will create millions of real lasting jobs.
United Americans is enlisting one thousand businesses that interest is unrelated in energy in each country to contribute to develop several innovative methods of fuel replacement from creating a the most advance technological methods of applications and devices for fuel particle acceleration this will create a natural technique of introducing innovative low cost flex fuels and the devices to operate most vehicles.

Next: Developing a fuel cell that partially never needs to be recharged just every 25 thousand miles to be inspected for damage or replacement.
The real and only solution is for America to combined resources by being united as a nation we can rebuild our own country. You want to talk about real innovation in energy or help us create real innovation in energy!

This is real innovation: Here is a simple list of modifying applications and devices for these energies Negative – positive fermions, hadrons, bosons molecular energy acceleration Antimatter/Matter energy, innovation awareness of applying innovative energy devices is his most contemporary technology, utilizing today’s equipment to create the answer along with radical concepts in new applications of the use of energy!

This can be proficient by isolating, altering extracting simply by applying new methods for manipulating the energy of cell or cells and combining new methods to implement the lowest or no cost of energy use for centuries to come! Chemical molecular energy acceleration Bio flexes fuels, mechanical self-propulsion.

This technology will redefine lower cost energies by reusing linear, static, solar, wind, steam, water, magnetic, bio fuel cells, core, microwave, radio-waves, motion, temperature, microscopic, piratical & perpetual energies with hundred of innovative energy applications, this century.

Join us today & become a part of making history in creating real Eco-friendly low cost energy for the world today!
Tell me what better gift can we give to our next generation and generations to come but non-toxic energy?

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