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Thank you

United Americans for the Arts and Trades is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

This is what your donation will help us build and that’s creating Occupation and economic opportunities throughout our nation because American’s need jobs now and it can only from America’s innovators.

This organization is created by those who call themselves visionaries. Visionaries are those who are able to visualize and embrace future potentials. I believe anything is possible if you believe in yourself and possess creativity and are willing to pursue those captivities through hard work and determination. My desire is to pursue those creativity through investigations and possible potentials. My personal goals are being able to reach out to the general public and make a difference in their lives as well as mine by leaving a legacy for the next generations to build from.

We are an organization who does not judge anyone regardless of their skin color, race, religion or gender. We believe in giving most everyone an opportunity to display their hidden talents and assist them in any way possible furthering their future career developments for the betterment of their lives. By applying our experiences we will help most everyone adapt to and blend their street smart with book smart and vice versa; keeping in mind we believe in everyone regardless of their past failures. The only expectation from us is for them to be dedicated, willing, and determined to achieve for them-self.

Here at United Americans we embrace the future by encouraging everyone to open up their own Pandora box and unleash their unlimited imagination through direct encouragement to believe nothing is impossible to achieve as a company or as an individual.

I welcome you to the purest company mankind will every encounter today. We believe and encourage creativity are aware they are endless. Also we believe promises are fulfilled through hope and dreams are made a reality through persistence. We challenge most everyone to live out their dreams and to push their imaginations to the ends of the earth in order to go where no man has gone before to infinity and beyond!

We are a true meaning of being a nonprofit organization by putting others’ needs before our own. The only ones that should benefit from this are those that we help by educating them and providing them an opportunity to change their lives not by judging them but my offering them unconditional love, respect, self accomplishment, make everyone feel like family, and help in anyway possible to help them excel and reach their accomplishments thus be contributing factors to the community as a whole. We believe in giving practically everyone a purpose for their lives.

We all have fallen at some point in our lives; it is not the fall that determines who we are it how well we rise form the fall is our motto here at United Americans. It is through drive and stamina personal goals are attained. We at United Americans will always teach individuals to keep their integrity in check; without integrity an individual has nothing.

I reach out to you now knowing you are a true visionary as I am. My drive is to create enough new hi-tech green ECO friendly products to create new lasting jobs with these products. I know this will generate global sales.

We are enlisting the greatest minds and talents from all the spectrum’s of industry that this country has to offer young or old. As United Americans we will then offer the world our purest imaginations with undying determination. Only together we can put America back to work one community at a time. I implore you to help us to create new jobs nationwide sooner than later.

I will be honored if you would be so willing to contact us and work together for the greater good of mankind.

Your total amount is : 50.00 (Currency: USD)

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