National Internship Programs

Allow us to introduce to you one of the most unique and innovative 501 C 3 nonprofit organization in America called United Americans for the Arts and Trades. United Americans believes in reinvesting in the future of our communities through students willing apply their educational skills that will allow them to continue expanding their experience while their here at United Americans in any future employment with us, no matter what their age furthering their education and experience can start here with us today.
United Americans is looking to launch this internship program nationwide, what today’s students need is the same that they have always been needing and that is experience, so we do it the old fashion way that is O.J.T on the job training that is one of the best ways and only way to gain experience then and today is by volunteering and the drive to be the best.
Internship opening in these fields of business is:
Office: Secretarial, Accountant, Document Writing, Proofreading, Business Administration and to be a Notary.
Business skills: they need to be able to within their collective and others to create a virtual portfolio presentation in numerous languages to cover the subject business matter of a business plan and then creating prototypes with a catalog. All prototypes will need to be copyrighted, trademark and if need to be patented.
Artist programs: This will be the next collective a Research Teams of engineering /designer. Starting off with Graphics, animation, software, web, CADD- CAM Manufacturing Development design and to be an internet informational Specialist.
Promotions/ Media Television Radio, and Internet: Marketing, advertising, Promoting, printing, Screen Print, image transferring designer and embroidering.
We are looking for students who are studying Business, Marketing, Advertising, Arts, Graphic Design, Computers, Software, Office Management, Public Relations, Screen Writing, Screen Print, Film, Television & Radio, Studio Engineer, Grant Writers, Law, and Political Science or just wanting to get involved to help others this offer is open to facility and students.
Today corporate America needs to work together with colleges and Universities to help provide their students with every kind of innovative opportunity imaginable to ear experience and to use their education in a business environment of today from physical to tomorrow’s virtual work place today.
The business protocol is always the same get your project done on time, under budget and taking pride in your work.
United Americans challenges today’s higher learning institutes nationwide to work together to educate them and we will provide them a place to earn experience and gain their self-respect from their hard work as we did long ago.
It can be accomplished by giving hands on experience as well as sharpening their hidden talents and skills in the fields. Entertainment, Manufacturing, Merchandising, Public-relations, Marketing, Communication, Talent agent, Sports, Film, Television and Law! Sincerely Napoleon Madrid
Will be looking forward in working together to better one another and put Americans back to work!
Contact United Americans at 210-435-7822 * 210-HELP-UA-2 Vice President Gonzalo Quezada III (210-421-1479
What better way to put our nation back to work by working together as Americans to move us forward?

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