New Space age building materials

Dreams Superior Builder is a design, construction, commercial and residential division of United American

Dreams Superior Builder

Was created from the ideas to move commercial and residential building into the next century!

Todays building materials are still arctic, toxic and typically foreign, could have preexisting bacteria’s. 

United Americans decide to get in the commercial and residential building market and by integrating the most technological advances in energy as well as our ECO friendly space age materials. 

We are creating new space aged ECO friendly thermo materials that will resist mold and other bacteria’s. U/A believes in creating a new opportunity by giving America new choices in building materials made in America with the highest quality in safety, health  and  wind, fire and flood resistance.

By designing new methods for home building we save our consumers time and money! We  make building simple and at a lowered cost. By per-manufacturing our materials  we will save our customers time and money.  They will be able to go to our building materials partners and order their custom house from nine hundred to nine thousand square feet and more.  We can build any home most any size any where in the world and we can build your business in the same fashion from a single unit to a national franchise for our partners for less.

As a nonprofit organization we want to be that business when the nation calls upon us in a natural disaster. We will come in and start clearing the area within days. Breaking ground and building new homes within 30 day’s. U/A will have our factories at 100% of manufacturing throughout this disaster. 

Dreams Superior Builder want to make the American dream affordable once again for Americans.

For us we will control our cost of materials, building by keeping them lower then the market value. 

“United We Stand”

We can change the world together, one community at a time!

An Economic Revitalization Development Commerce Opportunity Group

United Americans believes in redefining the future and its opportunities. By embracing talent and vision, we will create new markets in technology and numerous industries.

Developing new space age ECO friendly technology energy saving materials in home building with time saving designs that will create new global revitalization. We’re taking home building into the next century.

 The American dream is back!

We are United Americans for the Arts and Trades, a nonprofit organization helping to change lives for the better, through creating new opportunities. We come to you to give the American dream back.

Americans Affordable Home Building!

We will generate new jobs nationwide by establishing hundreds of micro-manufacturing plants placing them in the highest cities of unemployment.

Each plant will develop products and provide a working environment that gives the community an environmentally friendly organization to work for.

 We are already in the process of establishing a research and development team with engineers, designers, scientists and members of global industry leaders.

United Americans for the Arts and Trades wants to share the news with America that we’re ready to rebuild the American dream and help move our country forward now.

can change the world together one community at a time!

A Hundred Million Dollar Opportunity    

United Americans believes in redefining the future and its opportunities by embracing talents and visions.  We will create new markets in numerous industries by utilizing technologies.

As the CEO it is my responsibility to protect this organization from any foreign elements disrupting our goals and standards. I am fully aware we will under no circumstances compromise our designs or patents since they are a part of our soul and our soul is not for sale.

Creating global merchandise-Job TRAINING RETOOLING new Micro manufacturing plants nationwide

Attn: To Investors/Partners /Sponsors

United Americans solutions will impact all fifty states immediately; will create new lasting jobs nationwide.

We are United Americans for the Arts and Trades, a nonprofit organization. Our goal is to expand our brand name within all fifty states by creating new partnerships and working with each city and state throughout our nation.  Our country can win if we all begin promoting nationwide ten million new jobs. Not anything else will help motivate our country; the old saying is what you put in is what you will get out. Knowledge is power! Where are the jobs coming from, and how many and from where! The answer is ten million jobs from new technologies created by United Americans for the Arts and Trades.  Are you ready to put America back to work 10 million strong?  This is genuine motivation not just to say it but to promote it and believe it! This is our opportunity to become an economic super power once again.

And if we start now we will WIN BIG!

Next step is to have a phone meeting A.S.A.P with you to see what the next step will be to move forward together a full understanding of United Americans.  Together we can help Americas economic recovery faster yes we can make it happened. This all depends on you if you want to be a part of the real solution in taking pride in doing the right thing. This is what our parents expected for us to do. United Americans is on the breaking point in creating technological history so join us now.

Americans is launching a national program in commercial and residential building. 

Our Commercial/ Residential Partnering:

Together as partners we can find the solution for loss revenue and restore it!

New Construction Create a new taxable base resources:

To embrace our organization and to allow us to implement this national program, your city will benefit by us creating an economic surplus!

New Space age materials will reduce building cost:

Dreams superior builder will use the most technological ECO-friendly advance energy producing and saving materials and time saving assembling methods.

We will build for our commercial  franchise partners:

We will be able to build any size of building to include malls, shopping centers, groceries store, restaurant, auto part stores, and auto dealer ships from and can build anything from  A/Z.

Our residential Building:

This will allow our building outlet partners the exclusive opportunity to offer their customers to come in their store and to order their costume home and have it build by us. We will still have our own design home building office in as many cities possible. Will looking to be able to build an average size home within seven to fourteen day’s.   

Universal Stadium: Sports/Entertainment 

We are able to build a high tech Entertainment event stadium to be used for the new sport teams and other sport proceedings as well as additional venues. That will hold up to 250,000 people or more people at one event!  

Office space:

United Americans is willing to build your city and county government and State Offices. A 10-Story building that will house all of your government offices and future growth!

This building will have restaurants, grand food courts, and a shopping mall. First two floors will be a real park.

Parking Garage:

Every city needs a parking structure for all of the employees, visitors and then at night it turns in to a paying parking lot for city events. We could set a side 10 floor for your office employees.

Low-income housing:

We believe that when it comes to low income housing for those that need it, is to put the time and help to build it! By helping the homeless population is one of our greatest resources. By training them and having them earn there way back in life!

We will build dreams for our clients using the most technological advance space age thermo ECO friendly energy saving materials.

Our materials are fire and bacteria resistant air vacuum sealed air tight.

Our homes will be able to handle winds over 300 hundred MPH and floods over twenty feet. HI-TEC real homes.   

The Superior Builder:  Residential and Commercial Building

Dreams:  is a unique building organization that looks to save money for the customers while we provide a service or work with the intention of building and bettering the community.

Dreams Superior Builder is a division of United Americans for the Arts and Trades a 501 C 3 non-profit organization.  We are launching national and global fundraisers through and with our contributors, sponsors, partners, and investors allowing us to be able to create an exclusive offering to all of those above and to those we/us will provide services to and for.

United Americans Scientific Research and Development Department will create and developed technologically advanced Eco-friendly building materials while using non-toxic recycled goods and wares, thus benefitting our environment and living population.

United American is developing new ways to reduce materials going into and remaining in our land fills.  With the positive hopes that our methods and solutions will be used globally in the future! Through this new process it will develop new global markets for non-toxic recycled materials.

Here at United Americans we believe that there are already too many toxic materials that have been introduced into our environment and consumer markets.  Most of us are or still unaware of what level or that we were even introduced to such hazards.        

Throughout our entire organization of United Americans, we will promote Eco- friendly non-toxic materials utilizing today’s green materials while enhancing their applications and usages.

Through Dreams superior Builders:  Our goal will be to create the highest and newest standards of   Eco-friendly building materials that others will follow, while secondly  creating new standards in building materials that enhance and better our environment..

Our organization is about including our community and hand in hand, together creating innovative ways to save our environment and in doing this creating new businesses and jobs to fill the need.  This over-all is our vision.  

United Americans for the Arts and Trades is a non-profit organization a 501 C 3.

 In fulfilling our goals we will be using this to ask the community to help us in reaching and acquiring our goals in gift or donation.

These materials will allow our contributors to reduce their operational cost, allowing us to build their structures, commercial and residential building and over all services we will be able to offer to the public and community.  Thus allowing us to reduce and control constructional and operational costs. These methods will help your bottom line and increase your profits.  Using the most cost effective and time saving methods, we believe in passing the savings to our customers

 We offer you the opportunity to save money in building and daily operation.  Trying to save you money every-way that we can think of in reducing your total cost in building

Here’s one of the way our contributors’ benefits form their participation, helping us develop these materials

We can build business franchise from office buildings, restaurants, groceries stores, wholesale, retail, strip mails, shopping mails and opportunities to expand in most every field of Residential/Commercial building.      

The Superior Builder

Residential Commercial Building

Dreams: is a unique building organization, wherever we can save money we pass it back to our customers!

Dreams are the residential/commercial building division of United Americans for the arts and trades, a 501 C 3 nonprofit Organization.

Dreams building product line will be design and manufactured all in house, to we can control the quality and cost with out each building project no matter how small or large.

We are looking to offer our products and services throughout natural dissectors.

We would dispatch some of our design teams to set of a mobile office and ready to help.

Our clients would be able to have them come in and pick out one of the many styles of houses to pick from color and texture of interior and exterior.

That information would be sent to our factories, and then their order will be filled and then shipped to the work site within weeks. If we have to clear the area ourselves we will do so for the house will go up on time, and our client will be ready to get back to their own lives.     

Our program is called turnkey where all that have to do is their part by picking out the colors and texture, down to appliances furniture, bedding hanging your curtains and placing your new dishes in your cabinets sweep and mop your floors and water your lawn.  

With our designs if a penal become damaged it can be just replaced or if you want to take the house with you it can be disassembled and rebuild anywhere.

These designs of our houses are air and water tight, and able to resist winds up to 200 MPH and floods up 20 feet of water.

Dreams superior builder is the prefect home build for insurance companies and FEMA because by them becoming our partners we can whole sale our house has a replacement home or a starter home. It’s because of the Hi-Tech materials and energy save structures.

For those that contribute to the development of this product line will be offered opportunity to have a house build for them at a reduce price, or to become an authorized licensed representative dealer.  

What drives us is the love of our faith and the enjoyment in helping others in need that is what separates us from all the others, we’re not motivated by Greed, just by love!   We’re here to build your dreams, and to help those in time of need to repair their dreams!

So let’s work together now to build you future and start on your dreams today!

This is a Division of United Americans 210-4357822 * 210-HELP-UA-2



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