World Wide Sports Leagues

Each league will provide Amateur alternative leagues for our nation children that we will provide for ages thru 6-21 years old.  We’re offering senior leagues thru 25 and up.  So together let’s get fit stay fit for life.

Launching 65 new professional women and men sports leagues this will provide economic opportunities for communities, become a part of the future or be lift behind with the others today.

Allow me to introduce a sport organization that will become every man’s dream.

World Wide Sports Leagues will become the World’s largest sports Leagues within one organization.

This division as well is an equal opportunity organization for most everyone.

W.W.SP.LS. is looking to launch over twenty five professional sports leagues starting off with the first ten World Wide Boxing W.W.B World Wide Wrestling W.3. World Wide Mix Martial Arts, 2MA, mortal combat, extreme sports, and a full woman’s sports leagues starting off with style MX, Motocross, Cycle Drag racing, Formula 1, Stock-car, truck racing, water Jet-skiing, Volleyball , Dodge ball, track & field and more to come. The world is ready for more sports, ready & waiting to spend their money with us today!

WWSPLS within time will launch professional sports teams as football, rugby, soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, hockey, Lacrosse, polo, water polo, volleyball, roller derby and so much more to come.

Individual sports boxing, mix martial arts, wrestling, golf, tennis, squash, ping pong, diving, swimming, surfing, pool, bowling, cycling, mx-cycling, body building, speed-skating, finger skating, snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, 5-K 10-K, mx, truck racing, martial arts, shy diving, parachuting, dare devils, fencing, roping, bearer racing, bull riding, sailing, yachting and  gymnastics and still more to come. Within time it will come together globally to be the world’s largest sports leagues.

Well over forty professional leagues will be to launching in the fall of 2019, 20 ,21 and all of the sport teams to be developed national and international opportunities with our professional leagues.

As you can see WWSPLS can become an unlimited economic opportunities for the cities, states and other nations that are willing to participate with us as a sponsor, partner, investor, owner and more.

Now businesses have innovative creative methods to market their goods throughout our leagues and throughout our nonprofit organization other divisions. Destiny is controlled by fearless visionaries and we’re looking for others to join us now! 

Throughout our media divisions they may advertise one of our forthcoming one hundred online Magazines, one hundred online radios and television networks stations, online newspapers, our private broadcasting and our pay-per-view musical, sports and charity events.  Brilliant minds think a lot a like!

Now imagine of all of the license global merchandise to be sold and all the economic opportunities that it will bring to those that become a license global merchandise manufacture, distributor, whole seller, retail dealer and virtual seller.  The hundreds of billions of dollars to be made world wide is just waiting for you to get involved with us as a nonprofit organization today, this is a limited time space & offering.

How do you get involved become a contributor with United Americans contact us now first  Contact VP. Gonzalo Quezada lll \\ information 210-435-7822 * 210-HELP-UA-2 * or CEO Napoleon Madrid *  You have in hand to promote equality of race, gender by change the face of sports entertainment opportunities for Women & Men global ownership.

World Wide Sports leagues is a sports division of  International   Entertainment the Entertainment flagship of United Americans for the Arts and Trades.

United Americans is in the process of developing twenty five original sports leagues.

World Wide Sports Leagues are the search of building their exclusive broad members starting of with finding our sports league commissioners for every professional sport league.

World Wide Sports Leagues are the search of building their exclusive broad members starting of with finding our sports league commissioners for every professional sport league.

To continue our search for a president, vice president in addition to area directors Reginald, National and International markets, having everyone working together developing each and every market.

The search continues for general managers and office associates, head couches and other staff members and everyone else in-between.

United Americans will be contacting individual countries globally and offering them an opportunity of a life time by working together and making all the changes in these leagues that may of be unpleasing or wrong.

This will create unlimited opportunities throughout our nation and in so many others countries as we expand overseas without any limitations and introducing other sports and leagues to other nations and with that comes with responsibility in respecting other cultures and working together with them for a happy medium and break ground in making real sports history.

In 2019 we will be announcing the launch of World Wide Sports as we dot the I’s and cross the T’s shake hands and light up the shies of the world with sports entertainment.

We’re looking for the greatest players, coaches and everyone in between the best minds and the best of the best we will offer them to join us and become a part of sports history and a part of a original sports Dynasty real opportunities for most everyone to belong to a sports family for ones.

What greater ability can one give to one another but the gift of loving the game and everything that comes with it remembering why you wanted to play and build from there this platform of the love of the game and apply it to our big league, THE SHOW, the Major leagues professional sports at if finest. 

Most everyone has said to themselves if I ever had the opportunity to be a part of this I would change this and that becomes that would make it so much better to play the game.

We want you to know that here at the main organization we are a 501c3 nonprofit organization as will is all of our divisions and our only goal is to create real true opportunities for most everyone and share them with our fans and our super-fans to thank them for taking the time out of their life to become a part of our family and we a part of theirs.

So are you ready to become a part of sport history and shake up the world of sports and everyone else.

We are the true meaning of equality we believe in second chances, forgiveness and all about change and the love of the game and the way it should be played remember the greatest thing about and build from there working in removing the bad and keeping all the good about it. Thank you & contact us United Americans for the Arts and Trades.   Phone at 210-4357822  * email

World Wide Sports leagues is an equal opportunity organization that promotes equality throughout our organization as well as our sports leagues divisions.

We believe that everyone that wants to tryout for anyone of our leagues should have those changes to do so, so we will have a national wall-on time for anyone that wishes to tryout could do so then.

We will hold a get fit camp where anyone that finishes will be physically-fit before training camp each year.

Before anyone tries out they most have gone thru our fit camp. Everyone will go thru a fitness program to be evaluated for the endurance, talents and their dedication to continue, some will be able to go on from there and we ask them to first get fit before they come back next year for the next tryout season.

Anyone that has fatal illnesses or fiscally unfit will have to have their doctor to contact us before they even think of coming to our tryouts to save them their time and money.

Our goal is to create sports opportunities for athletes or for others behind the scenes, we offer an opportunity to those that join us as a younger amateur athlete and stay with us until they go off to play college games they will have rend their golden ticket to play professional sports with us as we have our annual two months training camp professional tryouts or they may summat their ticket before they go through our draft night.

For those that were our junior coaches’ trainers or office staff will also have that opportunity to apply for our training program schools. So they may get their certification to work within one of our leagues.

As a child we all have been inspired to be a superstar but now we can create just that a never ending opportunity to play your talents, bronze and brains for the generation and generations to come.

We’re creating a protective environment that will not or ever allow exploitation anywhere throughout our organization and we will tolerate any other organization to exploit anyone within our organization, we are here to protect our people from exploitation at any level for any reason and whatever cost. 

We draw the line here and now we will never tolerate exploitation because there are businesses that may allow  that  behavior or horse play of exploitation behaviors to go on, we don’t look the other way and we will never tolerate anywhere at anytime in United Americans organization or divisions.

Predatory behaviors will be deleted with the removal of that person or persons if a staff member they will be heard if we find it to be true they will be fired and then handed over to law enforcement, and they will be band from any of our functions for life.

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