Debut Films & Records

Debut Films & Records is a independent  entertainment services divisions of United Americans For the Arts and Trades International Entertainment and a part of our entertainment flagship International Entertainment .

 Debut Films & Records was developed to create new global markets in the Entertainment industries as a fully operable film and record studio.

 Debut has numerous subdivisions within itself, each division carries out its own   individual duties but yet will co-inside with all the necessary divisions to complete it task.

 Debut Films: Will create their own motion picture and release them as any other film studio would so.

 Debut Records: Will develop their own music release to co-inside with our film and record divisions.  

 Debut  Video: Will create their own music video another  releases in that format.

We are continually developing and expanding Debut industries with our partners 

Together we can completion all things, through your contributions we can help so many more to reach their American dreams.

At United Americans we are redefining the future with innovate career opportunities. We will lead the marketplace in technology, creating new numerous industries by embracing talent & vision.

Debut industry is now inviting all other independent motion picture & recording labels to join us through our nonprofit organization United Americans For the Arts and Trades.

We believe by combining all of our resources we would become a force to be reckon with we know that there is power in numbers and as we all share the resources in hand donating any of your out going equipment software and hardware.

By creating this unity this in itself gives us all new opportunities to expand and maximize our business brand name because of this action gives more exposure to our artist.

Debut we be organizing charitable events nationwide throughout  this year to raise monetary donations to keep United Americans focus in its number one goal to create real opportunities for those that participate thorough us and our underwriter by increase their bottom line.

So what are you waiting for join United Americans today so together we can stop the exportation of other artists thru us.

United Americans always combines one our resources to work in harmony to achieve the greater good of the community.   

Mogul Media: Is the media flagship and a division of United Americans for the Arts and Trades, a 501© 3 nonprofit organization.

Mogul Media: By itself this division integrating the use the most technological advance applications in internet marketing maximizing exposure, reducing your cost.

Within this division there are other  means of media outlets that we can show you at this time.

There is Perfect Painting this will allow you to be able to print out your imagination on paper as business cards, letterhead, postcards, posters and flyers or printing on clothing materials as T-Shirts, Caps, jackets and sporting wares. We can also print Banners, signs, rapper rounds and magnums of most any size and on most anything!   

Business #1 Solutions is your social media contention to expand you as a person or your business in to the new age of communication. Every year there are new methods of media and to stay currant in your market place you must stay current in media technology or get left behind. Let today’s technology work for you now today.

As we launch in to broadcasting in television, video and film productions markets, we will share these opportunities with our clinics, partners and investors.

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