I ask you throughout your annul advertising, marketing, promotion, whatever you want to call it or name it budget do you spend and what do you really get out of it.

We believe in creating real opportunities of product placement, direct marketing and consumer spending involvements.

UAAT is in the process of a service division called Mogul Media this will develop and use every possible technology and media and those that aren’t there we will create them.

We are rebuilding UAAT’s new website to have all the bells and whistles and everything in between.

Imagine your company being placed in every possible media outlet that available and pushing beyond today’s media envelop in this innovative format listed below. 

We are developing (one hundred) online magazines, newspapers, blogs, radio- televisions networks, global-direct on-line download live or recorded programing, music, film, video, television, sports etc.

Benefits of being a part of our family: First your contributions are tax-deducible

Next: Your contributions going in to the bigger picture of developing new global products from technologies, energies, space-age materials, communication, medical applications and devices that possibly will lead to cures, a device that will expand in heat to eliminate fires from one to twenty stories high, launching UAAT’s innovative entertainment divisions (job creation) film, record and women’s & men’s professional sports entertainment leagues, innovative business & sports franchisees and all of the license merchandise, sportswear, online video games and children sports leagues that will follow. WWSPL sport bars a large four story private sports club we are a safe environment for our adults.

Nationwide a 500 thousand sqft 4 story media outlet where you can get most anything broadcasted globally. Print on almost on any material imaginable almost any size at a wholesale price for being a benefactor of UAAT and other service divisions that deals indirectly with your product placement for a national campaign.  

By becoming a part of our family, where else would you go for your media and your product placement opportunities?  When a part of your contributions helped us to build this state of the art national facility why wouldn’t your business benefit from it?  By thinking of us as a bigger brother you can come to us and have your idea turned in to a prototype from 3-D’s printers, printed, screen printed, embroiled etc., etc. For those welcome to the family of UAAT and everything together we can build and help one another with.

Almost over night you can become a part of the of the largest single online media outlet in the world and have your logo, products and brand name intergraded in everyway creatively imaginably.

No matter what we launch it will go through Mogul Media and that is what we will become a Mogul in media by developing one of the most technological media applications and devices with creative means of broadcasting them globally  throughout our product placement, direct marketing and consumer spending involvements annul campaigns.

Expanding our benefactor’s brand names in original global markets thru integration our new product lines, direct involvement in nationwide communities with job creation.

We are going to integrate your logo, brand name and product lines throughout everything we launch from our new professional sports leagues, film & record studios, together with our benefactors promoting our community charity events promoting our out reach vocational schools programs automotive, architectural, Hi-Tech organic, agriculture fresh & sea fish waters agriculture etc. This creates new organic farmers markets nationwide another means of opportunities of expanding your brand name on original organic product lines etc.

Creating innovative media resource that will be able to produce and handle the global demand that is called for the everyday media sports entertainment evolution changes that his world expects demands will turn in to a Mogul’s media. This will allow us to develop and promote original license America goods.

 WWSPLN must create within them global methods of broadcasting by the way of television, radio, thither be developing online broadcasting stations.

Well over hundreds of innovative virtual means of broadcasting, news reporting, sports reporting, magazines, newspapers an consent developing of resources for media, etc., etc.  We will be launching in the fall of 2014, 15, 16 etc., and all of these applications for our media group will be developed to be used at a national and international opportunities with our micro studios that would contently create jobs nationwide and other areas overseas.

Sub-divisions:    So Prefect Printing is born:  So Business #1 Solutions is born:

Now there is Perfect Panting this allow you to be able to print out your imagination on paper as business cards, letterhead, postcards, posters and flyers or reticula’s of clothing materials as T-Shirts, Caps, jackets and sporting wares. We can also print Bandanna, signs, rap rounds and magnums of most any size and on most anything!   

Business #1 Solutions: Will be your social media contention to expand you as a person or your business in to the new age of communication. Every year there are new methods of media and to stay currant in your market place you must stay current in media technology or get left behind. Let today’s technology work for you now today. UAAT’s America innovators will create one of the next evolutions of media global broad-casting and communication applications and devices to enhance benefactor’s domination in the market place. 

As we launch in to global broadcasting in television, video and film productions markets, we will share these opportunities with our clinics, partners and venture capitalist for the greater good of America’s Economy.

What do you get out of this a way to use today’s media technologies and reduce your cost and to expand your value in the market place?

Bottom lines: Again those that participate will be those that benefit the most how very simple it can just be.

  1. 1.       First your contribution’s are tax deducible
  2. 2.       Second donation’s are a part of the bigger picture and that is to develop global products from any innovative avenue that together we can contemplate what is possible and some that are beyond.   
  3. 3.       Everything that UAAT is focused on is to create jobs nationwide with countless fields of business.
  4. 4.       This allows UAAT to expand and develop our divisions and community services sooner then later.
  5. 5.       This will give our benefactors away to reduce their bottom lines of operational costs.
  6. 6.       Product placement and expanding their value in the market place is now here.
  7. 7.       By intergrading their logo’s, brand name and their direct uses of their goods in our films they may be worn, consumed, driven used as backgrounds or as the main sets or just shamelessly input their commercial on the radio, television, in a music video and place their CEO’s or board of directors and employees selling their goods.
  8. 8.       You can get your prototype done here, 3-D’s printers, printed, screen printed, embroiled etc., etc.
  9. 9.       You can save money in the long run, by becoming a part of UAAT.s family
  10. 10.   Your business can have a VIP Luxury-box and create give a ways contests to your consumers and employees to motivate sales.
  11. 11.   Your company and individual’s of your company can get involved at different levels and grow or start at the top and benefit from everything you possibly can.
  12. 12.   In-Closing you have the direct opportunity today to become a part of one the most incredible organizations where our goals are to create real lasting opportunities first for Americans with Americans by Americans, God, family, country. We must be willing to put America first to move American forward in a direction of economic recovery before anyone else’s right are you willing.
  13. 13.   Everything we want to do will benefit our nation and our countrymen first if we want America to move forward faster then we as a nation should be willing to reinvest in our nation first right!

Welcome to revitalization of your nation 101, you’re monetary and products contributions are tax-deductible & your direct involvement is well needed to become one of our building-blocks in our foundation today.

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