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United Americans is looking for individuals and Americans businesses that share the same determination in putting America back to work by empowering American technology now & today

World Wide Sports leagues is the sports flagship division of all sports leagues entertainment from international Entertainment is the flagship of entertainment of United Americans for the Arts and trades.

United Americans for the Arts and Trades (UAAT) (UA) is one of the most unique 501c3 nonprofits you will have that opportunity to work with this decade and beyond.

World Wide Sports leagues Goals:

To launch 65 new professional sports leagues globally to be in over 200 cities world wide this decade.

Each and every division of UAAT goal is to globally generate real lasting occupation opportunities to communities worldwide and this opportunity is all about sports entertainment and having all the economic opportunities it will bring to each and every community.  

Avail-abilities in Partnerships/ownership are unique and for the fans become affordable and can receive rewards those that get involved at most all levels.

Our goal is for each city to have a least 20 and up to 65 professional sports leagues and those leagues will have a reason ability to develop amateur sports league for the youth and to cover most of the cost for their participation.

We are building our foundation one day at a time and once we are done our goal is to leave behind a lasting American sports Dynasty that has unlimited innovative in groundbreaking opportunities.

W.W.SP.LS. is looking to launch over twenty five professional sports leagues starting off with the first ten World Wide Boxing W.W.B World Wide Wrestling W.3. World Wide Mix Martial Arts, 2MA, mortal combat, extreme sports, and a full woman’s sports leagues starting off with style MX, Motocross, Cycle Drag racing, Formula 1, Stock-car, truck racing, water Jet-skiing, Volleyball , Dodge ball, track & field and more to come. The world is ready for more sports, ready & waiting to spend their money with us today!

WWSPLS within time will launch professional sports teams as football, rugby, soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, hockey, Lacrosse, polo, water polo, volleyball, roller derby and so much more to come.

Individual sports boxing, mix martial arts, wrestling, golf, tennis, squash, ping pong, diving, swimming, surfing, pool, bowling, cycling, MX-cycling, body building, speed-skating, finger skating, snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, 5-K 10-K, MX, truck racing, martial arts, shy diving, parachuting, dare devils, fencing, roping, bearer racing, bull riding, sailing, yachting and  gymnastics and still more to come.

The occupation and economic impact of economic growth from the opportunity from franchise ownership of sports individual/individuals, team/teams or and predication to manufacturing, distribution, sells, wholesale, retail, eCommerce of license merchandise. Let’s not forget about all the tax- able income that it will generate for all of the surrounding cities and their local business and states. All the Hotels, Motels, Inns, auto retails, reassurances, retail stores and increase of tourism everything in between that is tax-able.

These are unique opportunities for government bodies to participate to help increase their tax-able income with economic groundbreaking opportunities by our participation annually becoming a part of their increasing of tourism.

This is one of our strategies to hold more than one sports event and to include other entertainment events by holding various live concerts at different time and areas throughout the day all weekend long.

Working with surrounding cities partnerships we would like to offer other economic opportunities for surrounding cities to share in the economic impact by our participation annually becoming a part of their increasing of tourism and our ticket holders to stay in other cities over the weekend and enjoy their visit and take-in the ambiance of the guess hosting extended city and they will be offered to be bused or rent a vehicle and drive to the events.

These cities will have  similar opportunities for the occupation and economic impact of economic growth from the opportunity from franchise ownership of sports individual/individuals, team/teams or and predication to manufacturing, distribution, sells, wholesale, retail, eCommerce of license merchandise. Let’s not forget about all the tax- able income that it will generate for all of the surrounding cities and their local business and states.  All the Hotels, Motels, Inns, auto retails, reassurances, retail stores and increase of tourism everything in between that is tax-able.

How many times an opportunity has gone by because it’s not affordable to your business or yourself, but is just that opportunity, where you can become a VIP Super-Fan season ticket holder with International Entertainment (IE) or with World Wide Sports Leagues and will give those the first opportunity to purchase tickets only for themselves and these can not be resold but given away through a contest. 

This is the opportunity to buy in to a professional sports leagues franchise, from where we have a super-fan share and that is where numerous fans get together and purchase a single share or purchase a single share as a individual or your business and it does expand from there, we would like for most everyone to own a piece of the pie no matter how big or small but to be a part of a Major league sports franchise.

You can buy a seasonal group ticket holder or interval share in a owner box where you only pay for the game or event you want to see every kind of idea that our fans can come up with we will look at it.

How do you get involved become a contributor with United Americans contact us now


Sincerely:  Napoleon Picasso Valentino Madrid    Contact information: CEO Napoleon Madrid * Vice President Gonzalo Quezada III

 210-435-7822 * 210-HELP-UA-2 * madrid@unitedamericans.org 210-421-1479 quezada@unitedamericans.org info@unitedamericans.org

I HAVE A DREAM and it’s to help to put Americans back to work in 2019

I thank you for your time. Our innovation creates jobs nationwide and saves lives and makes money!

We have so much more that we can offer; it would take up to a week to describe all we have to offer. This is for all evolutionary visionaries that will take the time to see the future and all the unlimited economic opportunities.

Your opportunity to be a part of the world’s largest profession sport organization is coming your way now!

Attn: My name is Napoleon Madrid and I am the CEO of United Americans for the Arts and Trades, we are an American 501c3 nonprofit organization since 2003.

I founded United Americans to become an organization that creates real lasting opportunities through by applying my faith and believing in equality and that is my way of life passes down through my father.

Some of us know the saying if you ask you will receive, knock and it will be open, seek and you shall find.

We are a faith base people and there are many faiths within our organization and we all believe in acting as a person through our faith, instead of pretending be to we make a way of life instead of a weekend thing

So my quest is to have this organization to send letters of inventions to those forthcoming contributors as a sponsor, partner and future investors nationwide asking everyone we can possibly contact throughout my nation to ask for help.  I want everyone to know how we are and what we are going to accomplish once we find those that are willing to make the Difference by Getting Involved Today, by being willing to take pride to contribute your Time, Ideas Products Services and MONETARY DONATIONS.

So for those we contact we ask them to pass this letter forward to their contacts to help us speed this process throughout our nation.

We are looking for your business to contact us by email at quezada@unitedamericans.org madrid@unitedamericans.org or phone at 210-HELP-UA-2 * 210-435-7822 210-421-1479. The only way to the make a difference or change is for each and every one of us to get involved and here at United Americans is exactly what we are doing, walking the walk and talking the talk and we are willing to do everything we do to make the difference here and now.

We are in the process of creating new technologies in various fields of businesses and we know that we can contribute back to our country once we have completed with developing new global products that will enhance our way of life in so many ways because we get our inspiration by thinking out of the box and because we think out of the box we don’t let the laws of science apply to us or any of our ideas.

Our chief executive staff members are created from countless brilliant innovators that are fearless and believe that anything can be created if we have the right resources and partnership in-hand now and today. By coming together as a nation we can create unlimited opportunities for everyone that gets involved through us sooner then later. I am asking for everyone to help us change our direction of our country now rather than later and help it to move forward faster.

Our plan of action is brilliant but simple we are asking everyone for a monetary donation to help us cost the daily cost of operation and then a grant form them so we may pay to them their products or services that we are in need of is just that simple for our media sponsors radio, television, magazines, news papers and everything in between we ask to interviews us and place us on the font page or covers for the exposure that extended our brand name nationwide and globally.

Next those that have or don’t have product testing to allow us to become their product texting business from commercial equipment, printers, cameras, video, recording, transportation to hard wear to software and whatever the product lines is or to their services.

The equipment will be used in junction with out vocational programs that give our students on the job train so they can apply the skills and education to come more skillfully employable in today’s market demands.   We want to remind you that we are a 501c3 nonprofit organization and your contributions are a tax deductible throughout the year and much appreciated.

I guess the old question needs to be asked what you get out of this first a tax deductible second and opportunity to make the difference and to become of history being made and you’re a part of it.

To offer our contributors to become our private product texting partners, of most of our technology    

Then when the opportunity after getting the research completed and then creating the product lines we will come back to those confidentially to ask if why want to participate in our private funding where we sell a part of the future profits of each global product.

Our goal is for our technology to reduce daily operational costs and using our technology to reduce other means of costs. By help us in return helps those in so many different ways.

I want you to really take the time and contact us we be happy to send you more information and maybe some limed confidential information. 

We all have a destiny in life and it begins when we are a child this is the simplest times in life when we being to inspire in ourselves with our own dreams to be anything and everything in owe heart and mind desirous with no limitations. Some of us are just so lucky and never grow up and keep this frame of mind.  The American dream is a sensation within ourselves value to feel that we belong to this collective of innovators dream makes & shakers from the pass to present and future. That is a feeling that no one can buy or give you because you have to earn for yourself. This is what the Americans dream is all about those that are creating tomorrow’s next innovative American dynasty; together we will create the next wonder of the world as well as unlimited financial and occupational opportunities throughout our nation. Our nation history is build on humanity as well as in the spirit of passing it forward by all of those dreams that come before all of us to America, they are the ones that left their country for the new world called America. To start a new and better life for their family and for the next generation so they can get further then the last.  Has Americans we all should share the responsibilities to contribute and pass it forward to the disadvantaged individuals or businesses, that are striving to better themselves and with a little help we will be able to pass it forward sooner then later. Thank you so very much.

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