Media Relationships

Empower others through your participation and be one of those that make the difference today. 

United Americans wants your business to become one of our media partners, by being willing to interviewing us as a lead and cover story, to coincide on relatable subject matters and continuously to do so throughout the year. The contributions that we are in need of is advertising space, this would expand our brand name and give us the exposure that is well needed.

This relationship will give us the foundation of growth throughout your media base outlets and for your subscribers to be able to witness our growth of our commitment of creating real lasting opportunity foremost everyone that we are able to do so.

United Americans is looking for a platform to be able to explain who we are and what we are going to be doing and how we are going to do this. The end results will be job creation on a national level.

We believe that the only way for America to overcome our economic recovery is for American based businesses to unite and share resources to benefit one another through the combination of creating technologic advanced products made in America for new global markets it will develop.

Creating technologic advance products has to be in countless fields of business so it would have the will to survive and the willingness to be able to adapt and evolve by intergrading to become the standard of quality durability with affordability and keeping the legend brand Made in America alive once again. 

American businesses need to be willing to share the responsibility in promoting innovation and innovated businesses in or out of their field of business, sometime we just have to do the right thing because if the American media outlets are unwilling to do so, then who will if not you.

Our plan is work together with your subscribers to directly participate with us through your media outlet or outlets and that will increase your market value within your market place.  

This is how United Americans creates real lasting opportunities for our partners by nurturing one another’s relationship this develops a natural part of human nature where your subscribers want to know the next  technologic advance product we are working on and done right this will have a never-ending results for both of us.  And we all always leave them wanting more until the next time.     

We can’t do this grade task alone not one business could create enough jobs nationwide to help change our country’s direction to recovery fast unless we are willing to share the responsibilities and contribute to make the difference, because if no one cares to do something about it will only get worse right.

We are masters of our nation’s destiny and we need to share and take on the responsibility that our nation has called upon us to do.  There is power in numbers and with that power will allow us to empower others that can contribute in countless ways, your resource will create more resources and will become the ripple effect and it will be those that acted empowering others that made the difference. They can take pride in themselves and the others we can be a shamed of their lack of humanity faith and the love of country.  We can call ourselves anything we want but the proof of what we really are is in our actions that we can’t hide from, good people do good things and bad people turn a blind eye and do nothing but complain about people doing nothing. We are just asking for help so help us so we can do everything we can together and move our nation forward sooner then later.

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