Relationship Development

United Americans for the Arts and Trades UAAT/UA is a 501c3, we are for sure an unconventional unique diversified nonprofit organization. This is what the American spirit is all about coming together as a nation to help one another.  UA is created by innovators, that believes America still has unlimited economic and occupation opportunities.  We are creating an alliance for other visionaries that are able to see the bigger picture in this quest and when greater minds come together for greater good of humanity.  Let us do our part together to put America back to work in 2019 sound good to you.

We start off with introducing our Relationship Development Programs to you and your business.

Starting at the first level we invite everyone to get involved and contribute not just as an individual but offering the opportunity to all of your personnel and those that you do business every day.  We are looking for businesses and individuals to volunteer their talents time and their love that they have for helping others. We are creating innovative charity fund raising events for everyone to get involved.

The next level is to become one of your product testing partners, this would allow us to test your products or services and send reports on their performances. And on the other hand as we develop our product line we will offer those that are willing to become our product testing partners and send reports on our performances. We’re here now to develop unlimited opportunities for those that get involved.

As a nonprofit organization we survive off grants, monetary, product and service contributions, so we have decided to create several charity events offering our contributors innovative opportunities to be a sponsor, partner and an underwriter to our events. Our events will be UA’s formal Cinderella Ball and dances, dinners, auctions, musical concerts from classical, jazz, rock, dance music and more.  

UA will continue our expansions in entertainment to develop divisions from talent management, film & record studios and our own professional sporting events.

We will expand in to developing and promote our own entertainment this will allow us to have more control over our own events offering our sponsors, partners and an underwriter s to expand with us.

We offer a product placement reward programs, where the prospect of cross marketing reduces your under writing costs maximizing exposure of your business product lines, to create commercials that purchasing product lines is necessary to qualify to get in the events and to increases your bottom line.

Our last level UA will create a private offering to our sponsors, partners and an underwriters; this exclusive offering will allow us to raise the money that we need to develop our prototypes and license our Patents, Copywriters and Trademarks. 

This program is called sharing the wealth we will sell shares in a signal product from technology to our entertainment line. The old saying what’s in it for me, here it is we will share the profits with those that become our investors, which is what the bottom line is. We believe that for those that believe in us, we give back to them for believing in us this is our way to say thank you. Contact information person Napoleon Madrid office # 210-435-7822-

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