Working Together for the greater good

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United Americans for the Arts and Trades (UAAT) (UA) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

We are a unique and becoming diversified nonprofit organization that is expanding our exclusive opportunities directly to our impending benefactors to present their direct involvement visually in the community and in the same time furthering theses original opportunities through UA entertainment divisions.

United Americans believes in redefining the future and creating opportunities with our benefactors. By embracing talents and visions, we will create new market opportunities throughout numerous industries.

Developing new resources using technology communication, entertainment music, film and sports entertainment we will create new global merchandising with our benefactors through cross-marketing and by doing our part to help America economic recovery.

UAAT Is Launching World Wide Sports Leagues: be a part of our new professional sports league for women/men.

This creates innovative opportunities for those that participate with us, how by those that become our benefactor we will be promoting our sports product lines cross marketing throughout our benefactors.

Where when our customers buy our products they will receive points to buy items at a discount from our benefactors when our benefactors sell their product lines their customers will receive points to buy items at a discount from us.    How does all this begin it’s by your organization contacting us and setting a meeting and working together

We are a unique and our marketing strategies our diversified and expanding our exclusive opportunities for our benefactors. Our promotion is simple together we will tell the nation by purchasing your products will increases your contributions to United Americans for the Arts and Trades to create jobs nationwide and by the nation getting involved United Americans for the Arts and Trades contributions jobs nationwide. That’s a win, win for everyone!

We would like to create a participating partnership with your organization to solely increase your bottom line and to directing your tax deductible contributions to us.

Some Americans companies hire other business for product testing or just donation their goods to nonprofits.

Most companies at sponsors an event their opportunity end there, but with us our underwriters we are looking to offer innovative methods of ownership in and or the league or leagues, teams and or individual athlete or athletes. Our underwriters can receive a part of our revenues from ticket and merchandise sales from a third party.

Through us our marketing innovations will reduce your cost of marketing your product lines and increase your bottom line that is what makes us a unique diversified nonprofit organization we make you money!

We ask you how much you spend in printing retail, why we’re also raising donations to build a print shop so we can offer our benefactors whole sale prices to save them money every way we can imagine will save you money.   

We thank you and looking forward in working together for the greater good others.

How do you get involved become a contributor with United Americans contact us now first.            

We thank you for your time be free to contact us at 210-HELP-UA-2 * 210-435-7822

Contact persons: Napoleon Madrid / Gonzalo Quezada.  UA is created by innovators, that believes America still has unlimited economic and occupation opportunities.  We’re creating an alliance for evolutionary visionaries and we want you to become a part of this evolution history by empowering themselves through our benefactors. 

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