Coming soon our online and services


United Americans will be expanding our opportunities in on line Ecommerce.

We will be launching our full line on line servers.

A virtual marketplace that will allow our contributors exclusive excess to a new world of wholesaling and cost saving opportunities worldwide, by removing the middleman and sell directly to our donors.

United Americans believes creating real lasting opportunities and passing the savings to our contributors whenever we can because if we can save them money then they will be able to use that money to expand their business.

We are also going after to become a wholesaler of equipment, products and materials to help again to offset our contributors cost of operations again saving them money.

On-line services:

United Americans will be having fund raisers throughout the year to build several vocational printing outlet centers nationwide to allow those businesses that wishes to save money in advertising, marketing and promotions through print at a whole sale price.

There is Perfect Panting this allow you to be able to print out your imagination on paper as business cards, letterhead, postcards, posters and flyers or reticula’s of clothing materials as T-Shirts, Caps, jackets and sporting wares. We can also print Bandores, billboards, signs, rapper rounds and most any size and on most anything!   

Auction art houses: To sell all of the artwork available to the private collectors and then to the public.

Art Gallery for the world to view all of the art our new artists and art pieces available as a signal piece or a collection, to help the artist.

We will be contacting most of the auto manufactures so we may sell their vehicles online to those at a whole price.

Appliance, electronics, clothes and most all accessories lines to save money.

Beauty lines from cosmetics and other body and hair care products.

We believe if there is a product out there then we will try to become a wholesale destructor and sell it back to our consumers at a lower price.

Together we can create unlimited economic opportunities and save Americans money we all work so hard for we believe in saving and spending smart must be the new way of living today.

United Americans is looking forward for you to become one of our contributors and together we will help to create new jobs nationwide by starting here and expanding to the unknown.

Thank you for your time

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