Sponsorship Participation Levels

Sponsorship participation levels

United Americans For the arts and trades is launching one of the most aggressive buy America product campaigns ever to be dine in the last fourth years. It seams to be unknown to Americans if they but products made in American products they keep and Americans employed and at the same time they help create jobs also.   

I understand that name recognition is one of the most important marketing tools that help to increase market share, of product or services. Involving the consumers’ direct participation showing their purchasing impacted will have.

I am looking for your business to directly participate as a sponsor and through this process would increase United Americans and myself higher name recognition, this in itself would allow the exposure that is needed at this time.

By indorsing United Americans this marketing campaign would allow your business to become a part of innovative markets were United Americans is creating and also we be come a part of and in the other hand United Americans would indorse your business and the bottom line is that this campaign with your full participation un your market place value. Think about this within time your business can even help just by buying or invest in our product lines!

This will become a personal campaign directed to our nation consumers, as both CEO’s endorsees one another business, the sponsoring CEO will state that his or her business is endorsing United Americans as their nonprofit organization today, then I would the same and add if the American consumers are willing to pledge to buy their product or services and then for the other CEO to say for each sale that they would give a % to United Americans help them found their technology to do their part in putting Americans back to work so let us all as Americans help them through buy our product/ services we will donate and we all as a nation can do our part to put America back to work, that in itself is a win, win for both parties.

As we are launching our entertainment flagship division, that has numerous divisions within itself as well as a film, recording and new professional sport leagues. As we launch our combat leagues, our underwriting sponsor will participate in one of the most unique sporting events were each combat athlete is sponsored by competitor s. Throughout the event the competitor that has the most wins on their team wins, this is all done in fun.

All the proceeds will go to United Americans campaign, Putting Americans Back to Work in 2019.

What a campaign to belong too, promoting American businesses an outright campaign for the American consumer to invest their money by buying our sponsor product line and increase their bottom line!

We are launching our building flagship division, which has various constructional designing divisions within itself has a commercial and a residential like no other, rival to none and secant to none. This will allow us to build our sponsor business structures in a nationwide matter and their home and for their employees.

Our outlet sponsor this will give them new opportunities to sell our license merchandise made in Americans, through one of the many United Americans micro factories. Most of every thing we will design and manufacture will be made in American by Americans and together we will pit Americans back to work one community at a time.

Tell me what greater quest can your business be a part of then pitting America back to work in 2019, this campaign is all about saving the American worker and their part of the American dream what a campaign

This positive campaign will let us develop our technology with in a short time launch our own products and services that we would offer our sponsors first. Be a part of the real solution not the problem!

This is what we are going to do, so take the time and tell us what you are going to do opportunity knocking!

Through our contributors this will allow us to raise monetary donations helps provide our daily operations and for us to continue to expand our band name and our educational and community programs in addition to develop our most advance technological technology applications and deices. Our community programs integrating with U/As business services from our internships, Co-Op, Dreams Building, Mogul Media, Perfect Printing, Business 1 Solutions all these programs help reduce our partners operational cost from marketing advertising printing to home or business repairs. We create solutions for our contributors and save them money. Our goal is to cross market their product or services though U/A as our services will expand globally.

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