Attn: Network Program Directors

Attn. Network Program Director

UAAT is looking for international television networks to broadcast partner in 2019 scheduling 65 new women’s and men’s professional sports leagues in over 200 cities world wide. And we like for you to become one of them today.

United Americans for the Arts and Trades (UAAT) (UA) is a 501c3, we are for sure an unconventional unique and will become one of the most diversified nonprofit organization.

This is what the American spirit is all about coming together as a nation to help one another.  UAAT is created by innovators, that believes America still has unlimited economic and occupation opportunities. This is still the land of opportunity for us visionaries that offer others to become a part of the change reaction of our opportunities that will generate from the economic ripple effects nationwide to global impact.

We are creating an alliance for evolutionary visionaries and we want you to become a part of this evolution by empowering themselves through our exclusive licenses global merchandise.  “Made In America” that’s what’s going to create jobs nationwide that’s the bigger picture in America’s quest.  When greater minds coming together for greater good of our nation, we can accomplish any thing so  let us both do our part together to put America back to work in 2014,15 ,16 sounds good so let’s do the right thing together today.

UAAT is looking for national and global broadcasting partnerships to broadcast our launching entertainment divisions to include our forthcoming television charity telethons throughout the year, our live charity music Concords and our sports leagues events.

UA is launching our sports division called World Wide Sports leagues; there are numerous sports leagues that will be offering innovative sports teams opportunities nationwide and globally.

This is the most aggressive development to be launched by one organization to own and manage over 65 new professional global sports leagues to have 65 different professional sports teams within numerous cities in one state nationwide as well as globally.

We’re looking to launch a reality show called walk-one’ this will allow any Americans athlete or want-bees to tryout to make the league and then be placed on a team.

We will also have a global draft for all of our 25 professional sports leagues and it will expand and we expand our leagues and teams world wide.

Today’s sports leagues markets is limited from expansions and maybe declining from bad press and the lack of attendants, merchandise sales and the decline of afford ability for average Americans to invest the hard earn money, for themselves or their family. 

What we are offering is affordable ticket prices, merchandise and the day before a free day called (F.D) Fans Day where the fans come and meet their team favorite player, players, coach or the individual athletes for the event. This day is all about the fans those individuals that pays everyone checks.

What makes us different from everyone else is our entire field refs will be women throughout our professional sports leagues that is what makes us different. This eliminates that glass sealing and makes sports and equality history. Here were all about being first and creating real opportunities at UAAT.

Attn: Network Program Directors

United Americans for the Arts and Trades is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is beyond unique and strives to become diversified in countless fields of business from technology through entertainment.

Our entertainment flagship is called International Entertainment (IE) and the sports division we are getting ready to launch this fall is World Wide Sports Leagues this is our professional sports divisions from individual athletes to sports teams nationwide to international marketing inspirations for it all.

World Wide Sports Leagues will be looking for networks to call home national and international.

United Americans has decided to create professional sports leagues has a part of our charity functions to raise contributions to help fund United Americans organization, all of our inspirational creative divisions.

Has a nonprofit organization contributions will help us in creating real lasting opportunities for those that participate throughout our organization and all of our divisions as we develop and launch them.  

We have right here and now together an unlimited opportunity of sports entertainment for women and men of all ages to participate in as an amateur or professional athletes and to developing innovative sports markets and all of the global license merchandising that will follow our leagues teams and individual athletes and this will allow us to participate in developing innovative Hi-Tech high impact energy displacement sports equipment to protect our athletes and their career and a healthier after sports life by reducing high impact injuries wild training and in play of the game.

Within United Americans we are creating a family within our organization and all of our divisions and we will egoist ourselves and every bit of our imagination to protect our family members to prevent life altering and lasting injuries or even death to any of our amateur or professional athletes.

All of our divisions work together for the greater good of one another to enhance a safer environment from creating one of the most technologically advance technologies that holds us accountable for the outcome of its uses if it’s from energy, communication, regenerating bio fuel cell to medical applications and devices that will prolong the highest quality of life and the technology one day soon will eliminate the archaic toxic methods of treating illnesses.

One again we would like to set up a meeting with your Network Program Directors and forgive us because we are unaware of whom they are by name but we are hoping that this letter will reach your program department and be giving to them.

I am Napoleon Madrid the CEO of United Americans and the President of development and product placement of each division and quality control, designer, engineer and lead scientist of UA.

Please contact us first @ 210-435-7822 * 210-HELP-UA-2, then by

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