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United Americans for the Arts and Trades is a 501c3, we are for sure an unconventional unique diversified nonprofit organization. We are redefining true innovation through pure imagination that embraces our environment with real Eco-friendly technology that enhances the true innovation.

This is what the American spirit is all about coming together as a nation to help one another.  UA is created by innovators, that believes America still has unlimited economic and occupation opportunities.  We are creating an alliance for other visionaries that are able to see the bigger picture in this quest and when greater minds come together for greater good of humanity.  Let us do our part together to put America back to work in 2014 sound good to you.

True innovation enhances the embodiment of the environment for its true persists of the technology applications to improve our way of live, anything else is not true innovation it’s shameless contaminated philosophies  driven by shameless greed and the lack of humanity.  

There are people that talk about helping Americans becoming independent form foreign energy and they talk about innovation but only focus on toxic archaic methods that do nothing but passion our  environment, refusing and ignoring true innovation that will create millions of real lasting jobs.

United Americans is enlisting one thousand businesses that interest is unrelated in energy in each country to contribute to develop several innovative methods of fuel replacement from creating a the most advance technological methods of applications and devices for fuel particle acceleration this will create a natural technique of introducing innovative low cost flex fuels and the devices to operate most vehicles.

Napoleon Picasso Valentino Madrid is one of the greatest minds of our century and just maybe the greatest minds of all time. May even be beyond these people of history Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galile, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein John H. Sununu, Mislav Predavec, Marilyn vos Savant, Judit Polgar Paul Allen, Christopher langan, Kim Ung-Yong and Stephen Hawking.

Next:  Developing a fuel cell that partially never needs to be recharged just every 25 thousand miles to be inspected for damage or replacement.    

The real and only solution is for America to combined resources by being united as a nation we can rebuild our own country.  You want to talk about real innovation in energy or help us create real innovation in energy!

This is real innovation: Here is a simple list of modifying applications and devices for these energies Negative – positive fermions, hadrons, bosons molecular energy acceleration Antimatter/Matter energy, innovation awareness of applying innovative energy devices is his most contemporary technology, utilizing today’s equipment to create the answer along with radical concepts in new applications of the use of energy!  This can be proficient by isolating, altering extracting simply by applying new methods for manipulating the energy of cell or cells and combining new methods to implement the lowest or no cost of energy use for centuries to come! Chemical molecular energy acceleration Bio flexes fuels, mechanical self-propulsion. This technology will redefine lower cost energies by reusing linear, static, solar, wind, steam, water, magnetic, bio fuel cells, core, microwave, radio-waves,  motion, temperature, microscopic, piratical & perpetual energies with hundred of innovative energy applications, this century.

Join us today & become a part of making history in creating real Eco-friendly low cost energy for the world today!

 This evolutionary visionary can see the future profitability’s bring to one another.

Tell me what better gift can we give to our next generation and generations to come but non-toxic en

Well over hundreds of innovative Eco-green-energies will be to launching in the fall of 2019, 20 and 21 all of these applications and devices can be developed to be used national and international opportunities with our micro factories that would create jobs nationwide then world wide.

As you can see Brilliant Minds can become an unlimited economic opportunities for the cities, states here and other nations that are willing to participate with us as a sponsor, partner, investor and more.

It was said that Henry Ford was an innovator and our forefather in renewable green energy, Mr. Ford automotive vehicles be presented to run on ethanol and he wanted to create a national fueling stations selling an alternative fuel called ethanol, and it has been said that was the real reason for prohibition again an innovator in alternative fuel.

There are over five hundred million automotive vehicles in the world and new ones being sold every year. And if every vehicle filed their tank with this lower cost combustible Bio-flex-fuels at twenty five gals a week X five hundred million x fifty two weeks = six hundred fifty trillion gals a year x within five years it will be over a quadrillion as well as x Airplanes x Jets x Bouts x Ships extra = math WOW!!!!!

There are countless methods of creating alternative combustible Bio-flex-fuels that becomes cost-effective and by ten to one profit.

Our design of a universal Bio-flex-fuel-cells that that replaces their tanks, ours next evolution of  alternative combustible Bio-flex-fuels creating alternative combustible fuels by regenerating internal fuel-cells what we may offer directly to the public after creating alternative combustible Bio-flex-fuels and milking it for all it can yield and by letting it run its course. We may then lease this fuel-cell for each person throughout the world at the price of one hundred dollars a month and looking again to manufacture five hundred million as well as for Airplanes x Jets x Bouts x Ships and extra. That one hundred dollars a month, so that is twelve hundred dollars a year x five hundred million =

The next evolution in perfunctory and electronic motors

 Our universal applications are for use of water, land air and intergalactic vehicles. 

Our top designs: Twenty five hundred- Fifteen hundred- horsepower microelectronic self-charging motors.

Our top designs:  Evolution in perfunctory Forty five hundred-Twenty five hundred horsepower in self- propulsion internal dynamism driven.

Managing climate control: Will create jobs nationwide.

Developing climate control devices that will offset our changing temperate from Ocean air too land.   

Constructing deep sea devices that will allow the Ocean sea water to be cooled back to its nature seasonal temperate this will reduce the effects of global warming.

By creating a high volume deep-sea vacuum system that take ocean salt water and removes all the toxic and salt matter, leaving pure H2o to be pumped back throughout our nation lakes and other water resources counterbalance our lack of rain.

Again creating a national flood draining system this will allow cities that are known to flood a high volume vacuum system that can reroute the flooding water to various men made underground storage systems nationwide.           Our innovation creates jobs and save lives and money.

Fire fighting technologies:

This can also be used to battle forest fires; on suffuse high volume directional devices that can deliver of latitude   or longitude up to one hundred miles and more away and direct divider of water 31 to 75 miles at its highest point. Our weather control center will be able to deliver the water anywhere in this country and even in to other surrounding countries.  It can also be used to help irrigate farm land.

Manufacture a fire resistance air tight cover for vehicles, homes and other structures to preventing them to burn; by applying this application withstanding over 1,500 degrees will save lives & money.

A device to be propel directly in to a fire that removes the air from the structure and puts out the fire.

This device could be used in a larger quantity for a forest fire. 

New Space age materials will reduce building & insurance cost:

Dreams superior builder will use the most technological ECO friendly advance energy producing and saving materials and time saving assembling methods. We will build dreams for our clients using the most technological advance space age thermo ECO friendly energy saving materials.

Our materials are fire and bacteria resistant air vacuum sealed air tight.

Our homes will be able to handle winds well over two hundred MPH and floods over twenty feet. Welcome to HI-TECH real homes.  And be able to withstand over 2,000 degrees of direct heat.    

America’s new Agricultural and Horticultural systems:

Enclosed ecosystems that would allow us to created artificial environments to maximize our growth throughout the year. By creating these systems throughout out nation this will reduce or eliminate hunger.

Then by reproducing these systems worldwide once again will reduce or eliminate hunger in each country. This may not be the answer to world hunger but if someone else has a better ideas share it.

National Vegan Grocery Stores chains with vegans Restaurants:

National/ worldwide produces made in American retail stores and eCommerce. 

Goals are economic growth:

United Americans is looking to offer new opportunities and to create new Global Markets, bottom line to put Americans back to work

Occupation creation: 

New global market this will move toward new industries with immediately impact of job growth, with  more jobs come increase spending and the fist step to recovery.

We believe in generating our opportunities and sharing the wealth with those whom are willing to join us in our ventures, U/A is in the process of developing a full spectrum of opportunities for employment and self-employment business solutions to create new advantages for your country.
United Americans within itself we have created new opportunities with our innovative divisions from international to Americans national business solutions 

When companies cross market with us it allows businesses to reduce their overall cost, and maximum exposure in unrelated markets. America’s companies’ and their associations’ with our advertisement campaign will blend new markets with their product line/services is a win, win.

UAAT other divisions will also within time contribute their product lines of American goods.

Our benefactors will be able to get seasonal and annul box seats throughout our 200 new professional sports leagues thru, World Wide Sports Leagues at a bargain price for their company and their consumers give away prices. W.W.SP.L responsibility is to give back by developing free youth sports leagues for girls and boys of all ages and for our athletes to get involved in the local community and offer free health classes from nutrition with exercising. Creating real lasting opportunities today!    

UAAT is a unique evolving nonprofit organization that has one goal in mind and that is to create real lasting opportunities for our retail exclusive and limited benefactors to share in other opportunities to reduce their cost of advertisement by national of global cross marketing campaign, because our next goal is to increase our benefactors’ bottom line.

We want to remind you that are a limited time and space offering.

We’re creating an economic revitalizing collective that enriches themselves throughout our opportunities from entertainment to our technologies, because we’re the true meaning of American innovation cutting edge, fearless bold and brilliant visionaries and you can see that we are very shy about it. So join us in making real lasting ground breaking history this decade and the next to come.

Sincerely:  Napoleon Picasso Valentino Madrid

Contact information: CEO Napoleon Madrid and Vice President Gonzalo Quezada III

 210-435-7822 * 210-HELP-UA-2 *

I HAVE A DREAM and it’s to help to put Americans back to work in 2014

I thank you for your time. Our innovation creates jobs nationwide and saves lives and money!

 Our innovation creates jobs nationwide and saves lives and makes money!

I thank you for your time


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