Welcome to one of America’s most revolutionize technological

To whom it may concern: Allow United Americans to introduce to you our basic technologies:

Welcome to one of America’s most revolutionize technological advances cutting-edge intelligent and self-intelligent technology, this introduction is from our basic line of technologies.

United Americans for the Arts and Trades is a 501 C 3 nonprofit organization. United Americans believes in redefining the future its opportunities by embracing talents and visions.   We will create new markets in numerous industries by utilizing technologies.  As the CEO it is my responsibility to protect this organization from any foreign elements disrupting our goals and standards. I am fully aware we will under no circumstances compromise our designs or patents since they are a part of our soul & our soul is not for sale. It’s time to come together as a nation and put American back to work in 2014 if not now then when.

This is United Americans for the arts and trades basic evolution of 22nd century technology, we can’t wait to show you our most technological advance devices in communication, energy, transportation, education, engineering, space age materials, fuel-cell and so much more,  about our competition ha, ha right there is none because we are second to none and rival to none. And we are shy about what we can do because our technology will become the foundation of centuries to come that’s the way because everything else to us is just archaic and moronic. Here’s the future embrace it, reject it, but its coming and no one can stop it.

True innovation has an ever lasting ability to morph the applications to excel and combined other devices into engineering innovative technology beyond our imagination but there are fewer of that have the capability to harness this talent.  Our advance version of polymorphic foil is Created from this new element from a living organism that mutates in to an alloy lighter than balsam wood but able to take hi pressure and intensive heat within itself generate pulsations of energy then by regulating the velocity of the impulses will in hand create left and by directing the energy would allow flight then by increasing and redirected the energy pulsations generate speed and control of the object on land water air or space. This is just one of our examples of self-population no longer using today’s archaic methods or use toxic fuels to move any vehicles any longer.  

United Americans is setting the highest and only standard of quality and efficiency in engineering to most Eco-friendly in methods of recycling and creating original non-toxic materials for unlimited use for global distribution. We put our American pride in everything we do because perfection is the American standard that we will follow because anything else is unacceptable.  The technology that we will develop will be so diversified and will create real solutions, into innovative organic hydroponics, agriculture/ horticulture soilless farms and orchard community gardens.

 This evolutional visionary can see the future profitability’s bring to one another.

We will create practical techniques low-cost mass production in the latest ways in hydroponics gardening, we believe that in untraditional methods of technology so we are out to create an artificial environment for the seed to contain a constant growth from the artificial host. All we are providing is the basic environment to sustain life but artificially. By using organic seeds we will eliminate gen altered seed where we have no interest in because we have no idea what it will do to our bodies in the long turn.

 This evolutional visionary can see the future profitability’s bring to one another.

For more traditional organic methods of agriculture/ horticulture will have a method of delivering 100 millions of gallons of water nationwide to the areas of drought, this method any night would create a fine mist of water that can saturate the grows thru and thru one of the methods would be using ocean water and removing all toxic and sail basic materials, this could also be use if forest fires to battle the lack of today’s resources and this would be an extension of our flood system design. This will eliminate most every lost form not having real resource today. This can be used in any country and most any environment to control water.    

We will design a national flood system that would transfer billions of gallons of water throughout our water system.  Our system would prevent major flooding anywhere in our country.  These two projects could create up to one million new jobs! Working together putting Americans back to work!

 These devices will take us roaring in the 22nd century, and leave us independent from furan energy or domestic energy war muggers that manipulate and exacerbate market prices.

United Americans launches forward in the medical, fuel, energy world to offer the work variety of the most technological advance energy devices, second to none and rival to none.

We are looking to develop our technology from concept to prototype and expand in to manufacturing here in Americans to create jobs nationwide.

True technology innovation continually evolves and has an unlimited economic poetical with the soul proposes in enhance mankind way of life for the better by embracing and respecting the environment and ECO-system. 

Our first step is to raise money through donations so we will be able develop actual functioning prototype, then our next step will be product testing to refine and mortify the product to its fullest poetical to eliminate recalls and product failure. 

One of our technologies will help battle fires from a single home to a forest fire, these devices is create to expand in accelerated heat, it’s called the BLOB as this material expands it will suffocate the fire how by removing that oxygen in the closed environment or by expanding directly on the material that is in flamed as a vine does to a plants this will just climb and seal off by becoming a jell wall between the fire and the inflamed object or objects, and then will evaporate, this will reduce man power cost of fire fighting and cost of repair to the insurance.  

One of our other technologies is engineering innovative hi tech constructional materials that are resistance and repels Hi-heal and can with stand a minimum  of 300 Mph, wind and is air and water tight to prevent internal flooding.   

Solar energy was discovered 7th B.C, 3thr century 2nd, 6th A.D. Justinian Code an panels technology was in 1859 is a Neanderthal method to generate energy, solar farms are mostly over price and infective, it’s referred to as the emperor clothes, fools gold and it to be sold to gullible and ignorant community, which just waiting to buy something shiny and over priced. Some in the energy business know that you can sell old and over price technology to the common sense challenged and to gullible and ignorant individual’s. These Individual’s you could sell an elephant to and tell them it’s a big aardvark and they might buy it.  

 This evolutional visionary can see the future profitability’s bring to one another.

Real technology innovation creates independents from its counterparts, some that’s already obsolete before its usage, if it’s added to an already over loaded over priced archaic system, it isn’t innovation it’s shameless ignorant.

Accelerated energy will become the most cost effect way to generate energy our method will allow these devices to extract energy directly from the environment most anywhere in the world it could be used. These devices can be attaching to most any residential or commercial structures to supersede today’s electrical grid, this could bring your cost down to maybe percentage of your utility bill.  We will not be forgetting to embrace the environment.    

Medical concepts:  Our medical devices that would better manage and prolong the quality of health, that would be able to manage, reduce eliminate by rebalance providing growths. Other applications and device we would like to develop soon.

We will develop a microscopic device that will attach directly to brain, its soul purpose will be too intergraded and interact with the brain cells basically downloads a persons memory, throughout their life or be able reset their loss of memory, otherwise reprogram if or else damaged at birth. 

This artificial ability will just help us in the fight of memory loss from illness, injury or in other matter.

The fight against Alzheimer’s and Dementia we look at it from engineering aspect. The protein that causes Alzheimer is called beta amyloid to eliminate the production, them to extract the matter the last stage to rejuvenate the damaged area. This is just one of the ways we can battle this illness today.

Dementia is caused by a group symptoms that are cause by various diseases and symptoms.

These medical devices will locate deformed cells or tumors and eradicate them. Afterwards we will be able to alter our DNA by gene therapy thus able to eliminate abnormal growths of cells, tissues and organs. New incubation devices taking a DNA cell and growing within time, tissues, bonce, organs, stems and with new growth. In addition re-stimulation of brain cells, re-growth of an amputated limb or deformed appendages. To create an organic prosthesis with the patient’s own DNA that allows the prevention of rejection, infection or contamination from other donors.  One day to abolish the archaic methods of surgery and use of medications by creating cures from preventive medicine and direct methods of treatment using this technology. U/A is ready to build the most technically advanced medical devices prolonging and extending the quality and length of life. Our methods within the capability to reduce reverse and eliminate illnesses our body creates from within.

 This evolutional visionary can see the future profitability’s bring to one another.

Our air transportation vehicles can travel at Supersonic speeds over 17.500 mph and scene the world is about 24.901.55 to 24, 859.80 flight times could average less then one or two hours of travel time.  They don’t need any runway, from luxury, cargo to commercial aircrafts.  Creating a mutational alloyed mimicking Polymorphic foil or another metamorphosis substance this will allow high speed vehicles to change directions or shape immediately to avoided detection and reduce damage. 

 This evolutional visionary can see the future profitability’s bring to one another.

With our on board feature of reverse magnetic pulsations to propel most any object or redirect it away and our shadow technology will allow the on board systems to dissipate and counter act the pursuers participated motions from grown water or air attacks. But once again this would eliminate accidents from land water or air.

Emerging reverse gravity pulsation alloyed this will allow most any size of vehicles to become lighter and will reduce weight as well as negative resistance.

 An international Eco-high speed rail way with top speeds of 350 to 400 mph, through all of the America’s, North, Central, and South Made in America by Americans for the world.

Entering the energy world we could create a natural and artificial fuel repayment subtends and sell it for $2.50 directly to the global public, we believe just the announcement would drop prices the next day.  The world uses 82,769,370 BBLs a day. It’s believed that the world energy markets fluctuates on greed fraud & miss information.

Our devices no matter where you place them, they will not alter or impact the environment in a negative way or will never product toxic waste or negative energy.

Where here to shake up the world with real clean green energy our devices will embrace & nurture our environment and enhance our way of life with the cleanest sours of energy.

The world’s archaic methods of energies linear, static, solar, wind, steam, water, hydro, now welcome to the new world of Bio-green energies magnetic, polarizing,  alge, seaweed, grass, microorganisms, etc. ,etc., as self-recharging fuel cells & perpetual energies and there is so much more methods of energy to create. We are inventing new energy technology applications for today evolving technology devices.

Fuel Cells: For instant we will be looking to offer a private offering to our partners and sponsors to help us raise money to manufacture our fuel cell. This fuel cell will allow most any vehicle to travel 25,000 miles per charge inspection. We are looking to build globally 100 million units.

Here at United Americans we believe no matter what industry we involve ourselves in, we will create the most technological advances in technology in any field of business we decide to participate in second to none and rival to no one. Our technology and all the opportunities that will bring are created by visionaries for visionaries of the world to see all of the advantages and reward it will bring to everyone.

We believe that most anything can be created with finding the right partners and resources.

The only thing that stops anyone is themselves, be a visionary and find others that can visualize, believe in one another and be the few that will share is the success and all it will bring you!  

Embrace the future because it’s already here and together we will create new global markets and share every thing it has to offer those that participate with us today.                                                                                  

Our mission is to create real lasting jobs nationwide through new technology markets.

 This evolutional visionary can see the future profitability’s bring to one another.

If we are not happy in the direction our country is going then lets stop complaining and get involved and do something about it with us. Help us put Americans back to work in 2014.  

Here at United Americans we still believe that there are some American businesses that can contribute in creating jobs nationwide and become one of the focuses to leads our nation back from its Economic short falls. 

I what to remind you that we are a 501 C 3 nonprofit maybe the most unique you will ever know of why because we believe in putting our nation’s need before our own.

We will be ask the American’s as a nation and American business to contribute so we may fund out researcher and develop this technology.

United Americans believes that it will take our nation to come together by putting our difference aside for the greater good of our nation, ahead of our own.

Where is our humanity for our nation, for our own American businesses takes the American dream away by sending American jobs over seas they take the resources away for those to hold on to their American dream.

To houses to feed and clothe our American neighbor, families, do you not hear or see the effects that outsourcing has done to our nation and the irreversible damage in the name of greed.

We can see the problems and know what waits to talk about how we got here, so we ask you and the rest of our nation to join us to become a part of the real solution, this is our first step to create real lasting technology that will be diversified and able to create innovative global products build here in American.

This is how we put our great nation back to work together as a nation, so we can become once again a global economic super power.  By diversifying America’s technologies and be willing to reinvest in your own nation and with the economic ripple effect that will take place and take pride in being a part of this innovative economic revolution to the next step to of America’s evolution to employment and  economic stabilization.

Sincerely:  CEO.   Napoleon Madrid   210-HELP-UA-2 * 210-435-7822

Let me remind you that United Americans is a 501 C 3 nonprofit organization.

Listen to that what is it, its opportunity knocking at your door answer it before it goes away.


Yet an individual may start building their foundation of the own business from an idea, but it takes others from all the levels of our local community to come together to invest their time and money to create your success. Because without other resources all you have is just an idea.

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