Identifying Energy

Energy Technology Definitions:

For biofuels to be truly sustainable they need to be , from rotting garbage to whisky.

By mid-century biofuels could be providing over one quarter of all transport fuel, including jet fuel.

U/A Bio-fuel is from artificial residual derivatives, one of our bio fuel is from the collection of carbon dioxide and reverse it to oxygen through a simple appellation of photosynthetic. A similar device could be build in a larger size to reduce carbon dioxide worldwide. A second device could create an artificial Ozone in that in itself would reduce global warming. 

Linear energy transfer (LET) is a measure of the energy transferred to material as an ionizing particle travels through it. Typically, this measure is used to quantify the effects of ionizing radiation on biological specimens or electronic devices.

Static electricity can be contrasted with current (or dynamic) electricity, which can be delivered through wires as a power source.[1] Although charge exchange can happen whenever any two surfaces come into contact and separate, a static charge only remains when at least one of the surfaces has a high resistance to electrical flow (an electrical insulator).

Solar energy, radiant light and heat from the sun, has been harnessed by humans since ancient times using a range of ever-evolving technologies. Solar radiation, along with secondary solar-powered resources such as wind and wave power, hydroelectricity and biomass, account for most of the available renewable energy on earth. Only a minuscule fraction of the available solar energy is used.

Solar powered electrical generation relies on heat engines and photovoltaics. Solar energy’s uses are limited only by human ingenuity. A partial list of solar applications includes space heating and cooling through solar architecture, potable water via distillation and disinfection, day lighting, solar hot water, solar cooking, and high temperature process heat for industrial purposes. To harvest the solar energy, the most common way is to use solar panels.

Solar technologies are broadly characterized as either passive solar or active solar depending on the way they capture, convert and distribute solar energy. Active solar techniques include the use of photovoltaic panels and solar thermal collectors to harness the energy. Passive solar techniques include orienting a building to the Sun, selecting materials with favorable thermal mass or light dispersing properties, and designing spaces that naturally circulate air.

A is inventing new technology applications to energy ending the barbaric methods in creating energy from linear, static, solar, wind, steam, water, magnetic, fuel cells & perpetual energies. Reducing negative and eliminating toxic energy. We believe true innovative enhances our environment not being destructive to it, there are only two success of energy clean or toxic.

In my opinion toxic waste is deliberately discharged to victimize in low-income areas to pollute their local water, air, land environment. Having totally no disregard for human life. To properly dispose of this waste would reduce their profit margin visas public safety.

True innovation should anyways respect the environment and not be destructive to mankind. It should always enhance our way of lives, not diminish our ways or other species at the cost of blind shameless greed!  

U/A has designs and will be creating a fuel cell with an ever lasting charge. This cell can be used in any form of energy uses, like transportation to propel any primitive motor in itself this we lead in to the reducing the use of fossil  fuels with in a few  years.

Energy makes everything happen and can be divided into two different types. Stored energy is called potential energy. Energy in motion is called kinetic energy. The sun warms the earth and gives us light. We can capture the sun’s energy and use it directly in a solar cell, or use the heat from the sun to boil water and create steam used in making electricity. There are different kinds of energy which influence our daily lives. Those include electromagnetic, gravitational, sound and light to name a few.

Is America and the rest of the world ready for Eco –friendly and the most technologically advance energy methods and devices in producing real clean green energy.

This will create 100’s of billions of dollars and develop new global markets creating a trillion dollars of opportunities.  Become apart of history or be left behind with the others.

I am a proud Christian American and I believe that when we talk about, real power that I am held to a higher power and conduce of life.

Once again when the stamp of  Made in American and United Americans with C.G.E. This will mean to the world this is the finest product in and of energy in the world second to none. And rival to none.

United Americans take pride in creating the finest products in the world and to put Americans back to work now!

Let us stand and fight together, so we can relight the American dream for us today and for the next generations to come.

Wind energy is the kinetic energy of the air in motion. Total wind energy flowing through an imaginary area A during the time t is:  E = A . v . t . ρ . ½ v2, Where v is the wind velocity and ρ is the air density. The formula presented is structured in two parts: (A . v . t) is the volume of air passing through A, which is considered perpendicular to the wind velocity; (ρ . ½ v2) is the kinetic energy of the moving air per unit volume. Total wind power is: P = E / t = A . ρ . ½ v3 Wind power is thus proportional to the third power of the wind velocity.

A steam engine is a heat engine that performs mechanical work using steam as its working fluid.

Steam engines are typically external combustion engines,[1] where heat is supplied to the working fluid from fuel burned outside the engine. The heat cycle is known as the Rankine cycle. Subsequent developments using pressurized steam and converting linear to rotational motion enabled the     powering of a wide range of manufacturing machinery.

Modern steam turbines generate about 80% of the electric power in the world using a variety of heat sources Water energy is a renewable energy source because it relies on the supply of water, a product that create hydroelectric power are generally. Kinetic energy is released when the water is moving and potential energy that is in water but is not used immediately.

Hydropower is the energy that is created from water falling or flowing. However, many are concerned that water energy may not be as eco-friendly as one would think.

Hydraulic: Power created by the compressive force or movement of a liquid in a confined area. Machines that lift objects often use hydraulic energy. This class discusses the various types of hydraulic pumps and how they create fluid flow. It also describes prime movers and the considerations for selecting a pump and motor unit for a specific application. Power created by the compressive force or movement of a liquid in a confined area. Machines that lift objects often use hydraulic energy. A hydraulic variable that describes the power provided by a hydraulic system. HHP is directly proportional to flow rate and pressure and inversely proportional to the efficiency of a system.

Hydrogen energy is produced by the splitting of water molecules by solar energy resources. The oxygen is liberated in the reaction, and the hydrogen is stored in a liquid state.


Magnetic energy works by utilizing the repulsion force of magnets. The magnets produce a magnetic field. A small amount of electricity is used to keep the magnetic field moving. The moving magnetic field is then converted to usable energy.

Fuel cells:

A fuel cell is a device that produces electricity through a chemical reaction between a source fuel and an oxidant. The source fuel could be almost anything that can be oxidized, including hydrogen, methane, propane, methanol, diesel fuel or gasoline. The only byproducts are water and a small amount of nitrous oxide if air is used as the oxidizer.

Fuel cells that can be used in combination to produce the amount of electricity required for a given application. Fuel cells can be used to power just about anything conceivable, from cars, houses, businesses to air and space vehicles.

Our Fuel Cells: For instant we will be looking to offer a private offering to our contributors to help us raise money to manufacture our fuel cell. This fuel cell will allow most any vehicle to travel 100,000 miles per charge.

Light: Is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Additional forms include microwaves and radio waves that we cannot see. Scientists believe that they are both particles and waves that vibrate at certain frequencies. As particles they form photons that move at the speed of light. Each photon carries a certain amount of energy or quanta dependent on its frequency.

This energy reacts with most things in the environment either being absorbed or reflected. When absorbed it transfers its energy into the atom that absorbs it. In a photocell this absorption causes electricity or electron flow which can do work.


When there is an energy that is stored in compounds and when the energy is released or absorbed is when we say it is chemical energy.

Energy Waves Definitions

Wave energy works by harnessing the power of the ocean tides. As the tide moves in and out, it creates a massive amount of energy. While there is a plentiful supply of energy to be had, it is not as easy to convert it into electrical power as conventional methods.

Energy waves of energy traveling through space etc., light , X-rays, radio, micro, sound waves, so much more to come.

Sound: Is energy that is produced in the form of waves. This energy is measured by vibrations. This is also measured by pressure and frequency.

Micro: An electromagnetic wave with a wavelength between that of infrared and short waves (one millimeter to one meter). Microwave signals propagate in straight lines and are affected very little by the troposphere. They are not refracted or reflected by ionized regions in the upper atmosphere. Microwave

Thermo: Thermal energy is caused by heat. When you place a pot of water on a stove and you turn the burner on, you are transferring thermal energy to the bottom of the pot. Thermal energy transfers from the bottom of the pot to the water causing the water to heat up. This is a great example of how thermal energy works. New  innovate


Ocean energy is caused due to Wind & Gravitational force of Moon. Wind impacts on surface of water and waves are generated. Due to gravitational force of Moon, tides form.

Heat energy: (or just heat) is a form of energy which transfers among particles in a substance (or system) by means of kinetic energy of those particle. In other words, under kinetic theory, the heat is transferred by particles bouncing into each other.

As a form of energy, the SI unit for heat is the joule (J), though heat is frequently also measured in the calorie (cal), which is defined as “the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of water from 14.5 degrees Celsius to 15.5 degrees Celsius.” Heat is also sometimes measured in “British thermal units” or Btu.

Core energy: Is a natural gas the Principals of Core Energy were involved in Energy Consulting to a wide variety of commercial and industrial.

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