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United Americans for the Arts and Trades, we are one of the most unique 501 C 3 nonprofit that you will come across of in today’s time.

I am writing to you because I believe you are has much as a visionary. I want to take this time to introduce you to United Americans yes we are a nonprofit so any contribution is tax deducible but that’s not all we are.

That we are is an organization that is developing a quince opportunities in our local community by creating our vocational educational programs within our business divisions to these trainings will learn their basic fundamentals of their business studies in the classrooms. The next stage of learning was ones called OJT on the job training they will send this step leaning the ins and outs of their fields the last two stages will be their internships with us and then to be offered to our local business community partners to finish and this stage is called adopt an intern.  

If our citizens don’t have the right training for today’s jobs how else are they going to find real employment in this economy if their not able to create their own opportunities through others like us.

Now for us to do just this we reach out to create new partnerships with the local and national business communities, we also inquire about their product testing programs where they silicate businesses to participate in their product testing marketing research and then offer to become one of their product researchers.

We also offer our new partners these opportunity, ones their product testing is done if they would donate the remaining working items to us.

There is also our cross marketing program where we both advertise one another business. By creating an innovative link first to show the business community the high quality of your products and your humanity through your contributions to us letting everyone to know by their participation you’re able to contribute back in helping to change people’s lives.  On the other hand this will allow other businesses to evaluate their purchases, this re-educates others by seeing their business investing their money in to your business why because you’re willing to reinvest back in the community and that is called a win, win solution for everyone right.        

We all know that companies are free to buy from most anyone because it’s an open market, now and again what makes just that difference to a consumer is what your community involvement and how they market their participation in showing their humanitarian contributions.

Together we you can help us so we can help other and we can let everyone else know at the same time.   

Sincerely: Napoleon Madrid

Well we are looking forward to hear from you soon it’s the bigger picture that creates unlimited possibilities today! Contact us at 210-435-7822 * 210-HELP-UA-2

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